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Where are you in your studies? (Level 1)

djriv81djriv81 Dallas,TXPosts: 14 Associate

Just seeing how everyone is doing for those taking the Level 1 in December.

Have you started? If so, what topic are you currently on?


  • Just cracked open Economics. I started with Ethics and Standards but this got so confusing/dull that I'm leaving it for last.

    Any advice for a newbie?

  • djriv81djriv81 Dallas,TXPosts: 14 Associate

    This will be m second attempt at level 1.

    I took the exam a few years ago and my mother passed away in the middle of studying (I should have asked for a deferral).

    Ethics and Standards came easy for me. Be sure to read all the vignettes and practice all the questions you can. Right now Schwesser is giving away their QBank and Video Series for free (check recent articles for code) so definitely take advantage of that.

    There is also an article somewhere I believe on the order of subjects you should do. I have heard several places that it is best to leave Ethics to the last part.

    Hope this helps.

  • Started FRM last week, hoping to spend the next couple of weeks deep diving into the book.

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