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Is there anyone here studied for level II more than 6months before exam?

Yoko.LieYoko.Lie IndonesiaPosts: 4 Associate

I plan to re-take level II exam on June 2021, failed two years ago and this time want to make it right. The problem is, I mostly forget level II contents and it feels like I have to study again from the scratch. Thus, I plan to start studying now. What do you think? is it too early? is there anyone here ever studied for more than 6months before exam? is it counterproductive?

thanks before!


  • djriv81djriv81 Dallas,TXPosts: 14 Associate

    I would say that you definitely need to put in some extra time, but more than 6 months? There are so many factors that go into your personal study schedule (work, family, kids, other commitments, etc.) that only you can really answer that.

    For me, I have teenagers and a full time job, plus some other commitments so I started a little bit earlier, but it's up to you. Just get a schedule and try to stick to it.

    Best of luck

  • a year may be too early, as you have to be consistent throughout the period to ensure you don't forget the materials.

    i've definitely seen people who started 8/9 months before at a more gradual pace, so that would probably keep you motivated till the end, but would be concerned about burn out if you start any earlier...

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