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CFA timeline

KashishKashish Posts: 5 Associate
edited August 2 in CFA Level I

I am just wondering if employers really care about how long it takes for a candidate to finish all 3 levels even if the candidate passed each level in the first attempt. Like if it takes 2-3 years because of B-school, internships etc Does it reduce the prestige of the charter?

I am thinking of taking the Feb'21 exam and will be finishing uni by the end of June'21. So considering B-school and getting some job experience, it will take me more time to take the exams than someone who isn't going to do a masters degree and will probably finish all 3 levels in 18 months or so.


  • Hey, charterholder here. I don't think it matters much to employers in how long you took to do the CFA exams, it's just bragging rights (rightly so probably) for those who managed to achieve it quickly.

    That said, there are specific ways of stating your CFA status in your CV which should be factual rather than implying any superiority.

    You're still young, so I think focusing on getting a graduate job and obtaining job experience is more important, so it is totally fine to have a break in between CFA exam levels as it makes sense for you. Getting a job and building up work experience is key especially in the current market, and you can continue Level 2 & 3 later on in your career where it packs the most punch anyway. Even if you decided to go for the CFA exams now and passed all of them in around 2 years, you will still have to wait to satisfy the work experience requirements for the CFA charter.

    just my 2 cents :)

  • Thank you so much for the advice

  • ViveksinghkViveksinghk Pre-CFA India Posts: 1 Associate

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