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Beating a Dead Horse

ykilsteinykilstein Posts: 33 Associate
edited May 2013 in CFA Level II
We've been through this but...

Can you get print-outs of CFAI sample exams? (not the mock.) If I call them, I feel like they'll say, "Sir... sir..." like in that Family Guy DMV skit. (One of the only things in Family Guy worth watching.)

Can you get old CFAI mocks/samples? If the mocks say "do not share, etc.," then ignore my Q.

If I ran out of CFAI's and Schweser is _______, is Elan worth it at this point? Or just hit the Qbank and hit it hard?

Lastly, is there a more encompassing guide on using the BA II Plus Professional? I saw the FIU/TI guides (and the previous posts). More quant functions, put-call parity, and frankly, anything else would be nice.

If there were a "Calculator Guru," I'd climb a mountain to see him. (Pretty sure he works in a back office in Jersey City, though. You'd have to get past front-desk security. Or he could come downstairs on a lunch break or something...)

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