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Is the CFA Charter Worth It?

edited September 2015 in 300 Hours
Is the CFA Charter Worth It?

Do you think the CFA charter is worth it? Whether you answered 'yes' or 'no' to the above question, I'm sure you have your reasons. It's the reasons that I want to talk about today. In speaking to...

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  • christinechristine On the movePosts: 632 Sr Portfolio Manager
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  • I've always heard people say, 'CFA is no childs play'....keep in mind this is my first attempt Level I. I find the set level of requirement by the exam itself exhilarating, exciting AND extremely frustrating, going through the motions as a first timer...doubting and questioning yourself if this is what you really want/need.

    Worth it = Heck Yeah!!!

    Self application, being cognizant of the resources ...the end results are just too sweet. I'm fortunate enough to be in the investment world already, and at my firm being a charterholder is viewed with some degree of approval..(extra points).

    Lovely article 300Hours :)
  • That kind of can-do attitude should get you far, so don't worry @Shwebs! For me it's worth it as a new graduate looking to break into equity research, plus its an internationally recognised qualification too. Level 2 and still going strong!
  • christinechristine On the movePosts: 632 Sr Portfolio Manager
    Thanks @Shwebs! From your perspective the CFA charter is definitely worth it.
  • ec_testec_test USAPosts: 38 Sr Associate
    edited September 2015
    I personally think the value goes way beyond "making more money." Preparing for the CFA test has taught me to be more focused, more disciplined in other aspects of life (aside work), manage my time wisely, and be better at my job which gives me confidence. I have also interestingly discovered who are my real friends versus the people that were there just for the good times. The CFA test preparation has also taught me a lot of aspects about myself that I previously didn't know about. I learned that I actually greatly enjoy being by myself. I signed up for the CFA program because I want a higher-paying job - like the great majority of CFA candidates, but I feel the skills, experience, and knowledge I'm gaining by being in the program alone are worth my time even if I end up not getting a higher-paying job. I understand the CFA is not for everybody, but I feel for "finance nerds" like me (and most of 300 Hours Blog subscribers, lol) it is worth the time. It does make me laugh seeing so many articles online questioning the value of the CFA charter when to me the value is very obvious. Just a thought...
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