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I work for an investment bank in a dark corner of the back office, I am trying to break into investment management and with that in mind i have taken CFA levels 1 & 2 (waiting results)

I have had several interviews for internal roles but I can't shake the feeling that the revenue producing guys look down their noses on the work i do in my current role (because lets face it they do). I suppose i wouldn't mind this but whenever I "network" with people in investment management they tell me that i have exactly the sort of transferable skills they are looking for & that adding CFA exams into the mix makes me an ideal candidate (hmm).

My interview / pre-interview rejection feedback always takes one of two forms:
1. I do not have sufficient relevant market experience
2. I would be bored in this role and/or they are looking for someone with less experience

Now, no doubt they are sugaring the pill for me and there is probably some deep personal flaw that renders me unemployable, but that aside has anyone got any suggestions?

I should note that i have done the following but to no avail (all negative responses):
asked to be 'demoted' as I feel my current job level is probably too senior for a sideways move
asked if i could either apply to or just take part in the graduate/internship/work placement schemes which the compamy runs
asked if my role could be expanded so that it could be more market facing
I am in the process of interviewing for a role that would put me closer to the markets but it would still be a 'support' role which doesn't appeal


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