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Favorite Schweser Instructor

I've used Schweser Video Lectures for Levels 2 and 3. Although most of them are very good, there are some that I personally like for their style and teaching technique.

Andrew Holmes : Excellent Instructor. To the point. Gives additional advice for the exam. Enjoyable Lectures and never a dull moment.

Marc LeFebvre - Great communicator. Very good and clear explanations. Great technique of summarising at the end of each section and overview at the beginning of the video lectures. Excellent sense of humour. Provides real life examples in explanations.

David Hetherington - Brilliant teacher, especially IPS construction and Fixed Income Topics. Very detailed and clear conceptual explanations.

For me,

Level 2 - Andrew Holmes, Marc LeFebvre
Level 3 - Marc LeFebvre, David Hetherington (Since Andrew Holmes doesn't cover much of Level 3)

Does anyone have their favorite Instructors?


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