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The Best Places For You to Study for the CFA Exams

edited October 2013 in 300 Hours
imageThe Best Places For You to Study for the CFA Exams

Posted by Christine Places to study for your CFA exams can be quite a personal choice - many people have identified different places that tend to work best for them. My personal choices are varied,...

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  • Wemi_Pearl007Wemi_Pearl007 L3 candidate Lagos, NigeriaPosts: 12 Jr Portfolio Manager
    Oh! the search for study locations! It's quite hard in my city, Lagos. We have notorious traffic jams and even more notorious electrical power. Getting home to read was almost out of the question, so I had to either read at the office or find a library (Cafe's are so noisy!). There are probably only 2 or 3 libraries that stay open till late on weekdays and open on weekends.
    I consider myself an amazon of the highest category for making it through reading season and passing. Goodness!!
  • ZeeZee Charterholder London - UKPosts: 1,550 Sr Partner
    Would be interested in hearing your recommendations then @Wemi_pearl007!
  • Wemi_Pearl007Wemi_Pearl007 L3 candidate Lagos, NigeriaPosts: 12 Jr Portfolio Manager
    @Zee I used the city's university library on Saturdays. There's this art café with a small reading room near my office that I used on weekdays (had to wait for traffic to thin out before heading home). The office was very helpful in the mornings, used to do an hour (6.45 am-7.45am) before work (very helpful!).
    At least it worked!. ha!
  • I study in my room. but still havent quite found a fixed place. I had a table which had a lot of space to keep stuff but there was no place to rest your feet in between the table so i had to sit either sideways on the chair or at some distance. which wasnt working out so i told my dad about this and he ordered a table from some online shopping site which we are suppose to fix on our own. there are these parts which we are suppose to put together looking at some stupid diagrams. we have been working on it for two days and still havent been able to arrange the parts. I will call some carpenter guy tomorrow and hopefully he will be able to understand the mystical figures.
  • BruceBruce VirginiaPosts: 6 Associate
    Found that using the library to study was a good tool. During exam in Washington DC (L1 Dec 14) there were always candidates and proctors moving up and down the aisles (to & from restrooms, etc) and random noises in the exam area. There were over 1000 people in the convention hall taking the exam. The proctors would periodically lift exam credentials off the table (passport & exam ticket) to examine during the exam. It was beneficial to use the library with all the noise and distractions to practice maintaining a laser focus on the exam. Don't want to lose concentration and waste time looking around or make the proctor think you're looking at another candidate's test. Time management for me was crucial. Fortunately I was able to complete all questions within the allotted time. Practice filtering out the distractions for 3 hours at a sitting. Good luck!
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