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any1 doing level 1 should use this free QBANK I found on the internet ;)

ok so i don't really know how tolerant this forum is to piracy because I'm a newbie and just started.

so if any of know anything about 3rd party training providers aka course material providers for CFA then you probably heard of kaplan schweser.
some of their best praised learning material is their question bank (qbank) and hands down i agree. the software has some ridiculous 4000 questions or something, and you can play with the search criteria to set you exams on certain topic. e.g 120 questions on corporate finance right after you've finished the chapter.

heres the link to the torrent.

for those of you who live in the UK, please use any VPN to get to the link to download the torrent into your torrent client. an easy 1 to use it probably hotspot shield vpn.

NOTE: once you've downloaded the torrent into your torrent client you will NOT need to still be connected to the VPN.

those who are like wtf whats torrents whats vpn i suggest you google these terms and learn for yourself its really simple stuff even for non-tech savvys.

I have tested this for virus's spyware malware its 100% clean 100% genuine and 100% works if you set it up correct. you may need to download microsoft Framework but thats quick and easy fix.

well worth the effort and time. you'll reap the rewards by passing the level :)

hope this helps somebody


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