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Advice needed...

ryleibelryleibel Phoenix, AZPosts: 1 New Hire
Hey Guys,

I plan on signing up for the December 2015 Level 1 exam. I currently work in insurance but have decided to pursue a career in finance. I recently graduated from college with a Bachelors in Business Law.

My questions:

What are some good financial entry level jobs to pursue in regards to getting the necessary experience to eventually hold the CFA charter?

I will be using the Schweser self study program. What is some advice one can give to someone just starting out with the study program. Possible study tips or routines?



  • edited March 2015
    Hey @ryleibel

    1. As per CFA work guidelines, any job that you can reasonably interpret as contributing to investment decisions (whether they are investments in securities, or investments in projects undertaken by your company) will work. Depending on your role in insurance, that may qualify as well.

    2. Schweser's a pretty popular provider, so don't think you'll go wrong there. I haven't used it myself but the blog has tons of advice. Just follow it, and read the archives!
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