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Maths required for CFA Level 1

James_CJames_C AustraliaPosts: 3 New Hire
edited August 2016 in CFA Level I

What maths do I need to know to pass all parts of the CFA level 1 exam. At the moment I am strong in Arthritic and Algebra. However, do I need to know a lot about stats and calculus ?

Would appreciate some feedback.



  • I believe video lectures of Irfanullah will definitely help you. It thoroughly covers maths syllabus and also makes it real easy to understand the concepts. I definitely prefer it over Schweser considering that you must have basic understanding of few topics before you can refer Schweser.

    You can send a mail to [email protected] They have all the material related to CFA level 1 at really very cheap price. They also provide Schweser CFA material at lowest prices.

    I got complete series of Irfanullah lectures(2016) for Rs 1500-2000(usually costs more than 15000–20000).
  • Your mastery of math doesn't necessarily have to be economics-focused, but you definitely need to be mathematically inclined. Stats and calculus are definitely areas you need to be strong in. You can have a look at Quantitative Methods for each CFA level to get an idea of what you'll need at least.

    Level I Quantitative Methods 
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