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I've got a thread going over in the Level III subforum, but these are questions everyone can answer.

What are your go to snacks for when you're hard at the studying?

And what are your go to tracks/albums/musicians for keeping the fire burning?

Mine are these bad boys
full of fat, salt and calories, but so hard to stop eating.

In my first attempt to pass Level II, I was also fortunate/unfortunate enough to be walking distance from a branch of these guys:
They are dangerously good. A box of 7 costs the same as 5. And they last up to 5 days in the box. I miss being anywhere near a branch now but my waist probably thanks me.

I've also become a big fan of this:
It's isotonic, tastes like a real wheat beer, is dirt cheap, and hits the spot - but crucially, doesn't make you suffer all the negative effects of real beer that would impede your study. So I've had quite a few of these in the past year.

As for music, I am in gratitude to both Spotify and Soundcloud for helping me play to death the following artists, sorted by genre.

Shingo Nakamura, Gorm Sorensen - both chillout and crucially, some of the only music I can listen to as I study without hindering my concentration.
i_o, No Mana, Dosem, etc. - some thing dark, heavy, fast paced or bassy for those study breaks.

There's a lot more but music being so personal in taste, maybe it helps to restrict my list to these few.


  • woohoo a nice, light, fun topic to chat about for once :)

    ben's cookies are amazzinggg but i don't allow myself near time (maybe to sniff only) as i can't stop after one cookie usually!

    my favourite snack is nachos actually, easy to make, adding greek yogurt (instead of sour cream), chopped coriander, salsa, guacamole, makes it relatively healthy and more-ish.

    for music, I actually can only listen to the music soundtracks compiled by 300Hours - they are pretty good! (

    love shingo nakamura too!
  • Peanut bars for me all day long, and peppermint tea.

    I listen to video games OST, mostly Zelda and Diablo (weird combination I know!). I heard somewhere that video game music is designed to help you concentrate, not sure if true but it definitely is great for studying.

    I have to say that I am not sure if I see the point of non-alcoholic beer though...  >:)

  • fp92fp92 UKPosts: 70 Associate
    Weirdly I snack on cereal with yogurt as I'm a stress eater, and felt like I have to chew things to destress. I don't care too much about taste per se, so went for the 'healthier' options which gives lots of bite/chewing motion, like bran flakes, Shreddies etc. So yea, like a cow munching grass.

    Unfortunately I've super short attention span, so no music for me at all, and I've to go to quiet libraries/places to study as cafes are too interesting compared to CFAI books.
  • jasdevjasdev LondonPosts: 84 Sr Associate
    99% of the time, I can't study to music. But after a day spent at work and not having any chance to listen to music before the evening, I sometimes find I need to listen to something, anything. So if I can find something that allows me to study while it plays in the background, I'm pleased. Didn't know about the 300Hours music suggestions but I'm quite picky with my listening choices anyway.

    The nacho suggestion is good! Mmmm, nachos craving now.

    When non-alcoholic beer isn't doing the trick, I switch to rum, bourbon, or whisky. Sparingly, mind - I am trying to pass the exam!

  • rahul12 said:

    my favourite snack is nachos actually, easy to make, adding greek yogurt (instead of sour cream), chopped coriander, salsa, guacamole, makes it relatively healthy and more-ish.

    You forgot the most important ingredient - CHEESE.

    I always burn my cheese when I try to make my own nachos though.
  • fp92fp92 UKPosts: 70 Associate
    * slaps forehead * cheese of course, barbtoksv! Forgot to list that, haha. I'm hoping that's because my brain is full of cfa formulae though...  :p
  • jasdevjasdev LondonPosts: 84 Sr Associate
    Probably my last post here before results day; good luck everyone! Do your best so that you have no regrets :)
  • SophieSophie Posts: 2,010 Sr Partner
    Wishing you all the best of luck for tomorrow! NAIL IT!
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