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What’s everyone doing for lunch?

I know the advice is to get something non-offensive to avoid diarrhoea, and something that keeps for a few hours while we cry over the AM paper. Don’t know much about food hygiene but my girlfriend who is a professional chef says most things are unsafe to eat after 4-5 hours at room temperature, not even sandwiches. So far the best I have are crackers and soda, which isn’t the best.

Might be overthinking it, but any thoughts appreciated. Thank you o forum gods, just a few more days now!!!!!


  • Your gf makes a fair point, since 2 hours left out at room temp is the FDA recommended limit. 

    From my experience so far (3x, failed L3 once), I just brought my own lunchbox with some of these items over the years that seem to have lower risks and can be left out longer (not meat based) - boiled eggs for protein (whole, not cut yet), some bread (plain or, e.g. PB&J sandwich), veg salad, cold pasta salad (refrigerated beforehand) etc.
  • Protein bars, dude. Choose something you like, bring a box of them, eat a few for lunch. I wouldn't worry about nutrition etc, just something to tide you over for one meal.
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