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"We sincerely regret to inform you that you did not pass the June 2019 Level III CFA ® exam."

To be honest, when I saw those words, it was a relief. I left the exam knowing that I hadn't finished the Curriculum, and therefore hadn't been able to answer a significant number of questions on both morning and afternoon sessions. There was a ton of guessing involved in the PM session and I figured I would need a huge amount of luck to stand a chance of passing.

Overall, I was below the MPS, and hovering above the 10% percentile scoreline. I actually did less bad on the AM than on the PM, though both close to the 10th percentile score. I credit my job with the slightly better AM performance, as I have to write short and to the point for my superiors.

I'm taking a week's holiday from Monday and then I'll have all of September to think about whether I even want to sign up again; as I repeated Level II once, it's been four years of work now and that has meant a significant cost in time with family, friends, my social & dating lives and other pursuits. As I'm 33, I do question whether I'll regret postponing all of the above for one more year, even if I were to pass next June.

Hope others did well enough to pass, and if not, look forward to hearing your thoughts on retaking!


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