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scholarship related question.

SaumyaSaumya Pre-CFAIndia Posts: 2 New Hire


Could you please tell me if I should attatch my resume while applying for scholarship?

Also when will the women scholarship result be announced? I plan to sit for May 2021 attempt.


  • Hi @Saumya - whether you need to attach your resume depends on the type of scholarship and CFA society. E.g. some CFA societies require Access Scholarship applicants to attach their CV.

    For Women's scholarship, the application doesn't request for a resume, so that's not needed. Just a personal statement would do.

    Womens' scholarship are on a rolling basis, and CFA Institute reviews them quarterly, so you should expect to hear back within 3 months from your application submission.

    More details in this article:

  • hyzichhyzich Pre-CFA NigeriaPosts: 1 Associate

    Hi All, I applied for access scholarship this year and I submitted my application on 24th of june 2020. I understand that we get our results by 1st of December. However, I’m a tad worried because all my friends that applied after I submitted have gotten feedback whereas i am yet to receive any. Do i need to send them a mail to enquire about my status or wait till 1st of December. Thanks

  • SophieSophie Posts: 2,025 Sr Partner
    edited October 2020

    Hi @hyzich - if you're worried, feel free to send them an email to chase up. You should hear back by 1st Dec latest as you said given the annual cycle of Access Scholarship.

    In most cases, Access scholarship applications are reviewed and determined by the relevant local CFA society, so may be worth chasing your local CFA society as well.

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