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Earning Points

christinechristine On the movePosts: 632 Sr Portfolio Manager
edited October 2013 in Other
To encourage members to be awesome to each other, there is a point system in the Community, whereby generally the more helpful and active a member is, the more points this member has.

Here are the basics to how earning points work out:
  • Getting a Like or LOL on any of your comments from another member gets you 1 point. Writing helpful and insightful comments is therefore key to getting loads of points - your more awesome comments will continue earning points long after you've made them! Similarly a particular commenter has helped you out, send that member some love by Liking or LOLing the comment.
  • Getting your post promoted is like a 'super like' from moderators - this gets you a bunch of points!
  • Getting a new badge gets a large number of points. This varies from badge to badge.
In general, being active and helpful will go a long, long way in accumulating points. And a manic badge hunter.

So what do points do? Several important things:
  1. Reputation. The overall number of points are a good indicator of a member's reputation and helpfulness in the Community.
  2. Ranks. When you first join the forum, you enter at an Associate rank. You will get promoted up the ranks the more points you earn.
  3. They also make you feel awesome.


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