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Dress to Impress...

This is an old adage and something everyone agrees on but I a little curious about the details.
I also believe that you should be the change you want to see and my clothes reflect that.
I dislike how people tend to stick to dark colours (at least in Canada) so I like to change it up. My winter jacket is hot pink but I wonder if I should wear that to interviews or go for a more neutral colour. I've done both and the pink doesn't seem to have a negative response but I'll like you guys to weight in. I pair my very hot pink jacket with a dusty rose coloured purse.

Same goes with blazers and dress shirts, most of mine don't follow the usual style and has something more. A frill down the front of whatever and my blazers have accents....basically you get the point - my clothes are very girly. But for interviews should I stick to my more traditional version of business formal or mix it up a little?


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