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The Honeymoon Phase

I've been on a high in the last few days. Buzzing with the satisfaction of having passed Level II, I am now in the honeymoon phase of my preparation for Level III. I felt the same way in January this year, when I got my Level I results. I've signed up already for the 2014 exam (why wait?) and ordered the print curriculum. This is the second-best period in CFA exam preparation -- the beginning, when you're excited, looking at the list of topics and relishing the thought of learning all those things, planning your study schedule and enjoying the prospect of the triumph that will surely come (or so you think). The best period is the one after the exam, when you're done with the miserable, wretched thing at last!

But for now, my vision is completely rose-tinted. I can't wait for the books to arrive. I muddled through somehow with the e-books on my tiny laptop for Levels I and II, but this time I want to do things 'properly'. Besides, there appear to be a lot more text passages to read for Level III, and that'll be easier with print books.

Oh yeah, this time it'll be different. I'll be totally organised, I'll proceed methodically through every reading and do every problem, I'll come to know the entire syllabus like the back of my hand and I won't be stressed out at all! Wait a minute, isn't this what I thought when I started preparing for Level II, only to turn into a pitiful, nervous wreck in May?

Er, well ... enjoy the honeymoon while it lasts, everyone!


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