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  • thanks so much sophie! it took me a few times to read your explanation and make sense of it - definitely one of those tricky questions that trips ppl up!
  • whoa, it's indeed a long one. not sure if i'm right, but will take a stab at this: Answer said: How do I go about it in terms of adjusting for inflation? for NPV, if you use nominal cashflows then you must discounted at nominal disco…
  • sorry I don't follow your question Answer. does this relate to a particular question that you can share?
  • chores unfortunately, it's either shower/grocery shopping/cooking/cleaning/admin. if i get some free time outside of work and study, i actually go out for a stroll... but i tend to incorporate chores with walking to be more efficient, e.g. walk to g…
  • hey there, current L2 candidate and a little bit stressed  it's a fine line between starting too early and starting too late though, but better the former than the latter (like me)!  jokes aside, your plan seems solid, make sure you stick to it an…
  • cfachris, thanks so much for sharing your notes man. it does help reading others' explanation sometimes in hope to understand this. i just have to go through the section and try some end of chapter questions to see the implications of each condition…
  • just did my 1st practice paper and bombed it... 
  • hi sophie, thanks sooo much for taking the time to answer my question. your explanations helped loads! in particular, i found your explanation style of framing each type of "statistics problem/errors" as a violation of the standard assumptions of …
  • hi there, L2 candidate here. just did my 1st practice paper (disaster) and remember how it felt last time. here's what I think (not an expert tho): 1) seems on track time wise. 2) it's not just blasting through practice papers, but doing a set o…